Father’s Day Gifts

The standard tie is not a very creative gift. Socks hardly worth more than a yawn. Cologne is too personal to pick out for your father. And it’s too warm for a sweater.

So what are you going to give your father for father’s Day?

I remember agonizing over what to do every year. Then one year I had my dad make a list of all the things he’d like to have. I still have the list and my  father passed away 19 years ago. The list consisted of nails, sandpapers, stains, clamps and many items that he used regularly. Of course he could buy them for himself, but it was what he wanted.

I thought of the time I saved him by buying the items for him. It was one of the that he and most men don’t relish, going shopping, even when it’s for himself.

The fact was I love hardware stores and know my way around a lumber yard because of my father. I learned how to use power tools and created some very unusual add ons to my house. I raised the bathroom vanity 6″ so I could add storage underneath and make the vanity a more comfortable height. I popped off the front panel and put slider drawers on either side of the sink.

In the kitchen I put kick plates at the base boards and the popped open and became a step stool so I could reach the higher cabinets.

It was because of the hours I spent in my father’s workshop and the curiosity it generated in me.

Thank you daddy!


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