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Special Gifts

I have an opportunity now to provide gifts for someone I have never met. I have been talking with him for about two months now, we met through Facebook and have had a wonderful time getting to know each other.

His business has taken him to Kalua Lumpur, Malaysia to work on the oil rig to extract gases from the oil drilling. It sounds interesting, but more complicated than I have the knowledge to process.

So he’s coming to visit for Christmas and I have decided to put together a few simple gifts for him. He will need to be included in our Christmas.

But how can I figure out what to get him when we’ve never met? I’ve heard him mention that he enjoys reading, he walks when he has time, he enjoys working out and has a great sense of humor.

But I’m still clueless.

So I started think, any man would enjoy a nice warm sweater since we’re supposed to have some rain and Kalua Lumpur is having weather in the 70s. Okay, that’s one present. But what else?

I wrote a book http://makingalistbook.com years ago. It’s ¬†about being single and it has a check list on what you should look for in a mate. It includes all the things that are a priority in a relationship, like being spiritual, having a sense of humor or liking vanilla ice cream!

It also includes how you decide the things that are absolute “no way, deal breaker” habits such as doing drugs, being an alcoholic, or having no friends whatsoever! Those are real danger signs!

I think he’ll find that humorous!

Okay, that’s a good start.

Hopefully I find a couple of other things

Oh yea, how about the Box of Nothing!

I created it more than 20 years ago. It’s the perfect gift for those who have everything and includes a 20 page book of Nothing with sayings like “Nothing beats a Royal Flush!”, There’s Nothing like a hug!”, “Nothing cures baldness!” and my favorite, “Finally, here’s something for Nothing!”

That will work!

Season Greetings

I was at the Sun Valley Mall last weekend and they already have the Christmas decorations and the Santa Claus village set up. I don’t know about you, but it seems a little early to be thinking that much about the Christmas season. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year.

I have this strange affinity to the last quarter of the year. I start celebrating my birthday on Halloween and go through December 1st. I know so many Scorpios I can fill up my days throughout the month with others who share my birthday month.

I was talking with a friend last week who told me he bought the wonderful leather jacket he was wearing for his birthday last month. It was perfect. I told him that I always buy myself the most perfect gifts. I never have to return them either.

So, think about the holiday season and what you plan to do for your holiday plans. Are you going to be around your family and friends? What makes you happy about the possibilities of the holidays? Do you even celebrate the holidays?

It’s been about 15 years since I’ve spent the season with family but I’ve managed to recreate a family atmosphere with the friends I’ve made.

I have found it to be more fun and gratifying than any family holiday I’ve ever spent. And when we exchange gifts, everyone is genuinely appreciative.

Take the time to plan out your holiday so you can have the best one ever.

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