The Perfect Gift

I was talking with a group of people who were complaining about having to do their Christmas shopping with all the crowds. About a week later I woke up at 2 am and had an idea for A Box of Nothing, the perfect gift for those who have everything.

This is a beautiful Italian Crystal Jafra box and it comes with a 1″ square book of 42 pages of sayings with the word “Nothing” included. It is great gift when you are looking for a unique gift especially when someone is hard to shop for.

A couple of the pages include:

  1. “Nothing cures baldness”
  2. “Nothing beats a Royal Flush”
  3. “There’s Nothing like a hug.”
  4. “And finally, here’s something for Nothing!”

I’ve had a lot of fun selling it to jewelry stores so men can include it as a present and hide a ring, bracelet or necklace in the box and then when they’re asked what they purchased for a gift they can honestly say “Nothing!”