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Home Made Gifts

9.Button Heart Craft

Button HeartAnne Davies explains how you can use buttons and wire to make this heart craft.

10. Button Jewelry Craft

Button Jewelry

You can make unique bracelets, necklaces, and even rings to give as gifts or to wear yourself. With the variety of buttons available you can make dozens and not two will be alike.

11. Button Snowman

Button SnowmanFollow these directions and create fun snowmen that can be used as magnets or pins.

12. Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft

Candy Kiss RoseYou can make all your friends and family these fun candy Kiss rose buds for a special treat for any occasion.

13. Candy Plant Craft

Candy PlantFind out how to make a terra cotta clay pot fully of tasty flowers. A great gift idea shared by Susan!

14. Candy Wreath Craft

Candy WreathMake a wreath using hard, wrapped candies, ribbon, and a hanger! A fun decoration that you can eat.

15. CD Photo Ornament Craft

CD OrnamentUse these free directions and pattern to create a photo ornament using an old CD.

16. CD Sun Catcher Craft

CD SuncatcherThis seems to be an obvious choice since most CDs are metallic and catch/reflect the light well. These make great gifts or party decorations and can be used indoors or out.

Article reprint from: http://familycrafts.about.com

Home Made Gifts

Check out these 100 easy home-made gift ideas for a holiday, birthday, or any occasion. Using these ideas, you can give everyone you know a home-made gift this year. You should also take a few moments to check out my article listing gifts for him, her, teachers, kids, and more. If you want to be one of the first to know when more gifts ideas and other craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

1. Activity Travel Tray Craft

Travel TrayFind out how to recycle an old cookie sheet into a fun activity tray. This makes a great gift for kids of all ages and makes for a nice travel activity.

2. Bath Salt Recipe

Bath SaltsSheryl explains how to make colored bath salts. A fun gift idea.

3. Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps

Book Worm

Follow these simple directions and decorate a pencil using wire and beads. Make them in your favorite colors, your school colors, and many other designs!

4. Blooming Flower Pens

Flower Pens

Follow these simple directions and make a pen that looks like a flower!

5. Book Worm Bookmark


Find out how to create this fun bookmark that look like a silly worm.

6. Bottle Cap Frame Craft

Bottle Cap Frame

You can transform a plain, inexpensive acrylic frame into a personalized masterpiece by using decorated bottle caps.

7. Button Box Craft

Button BoxSusannah Wollman explains how she created a lovely storage box using buttons, ribbon, and paper.

8. Button Flowers Craft

Button FlowersYou will have a grand time making an entire bouquet of these charming flowers. These look lovely when made with vintage buttons and also with brightly colored buttons.

Article from http://familycrafts.about.com/od/giftstomake/tp/HomeMadeGiftIdeas.htm