Back to School Shopping

The time for back to school shopping is well upon us. You can see mothers rushing around trying to choose the right attire, shoes and accessories for their children who are ready to return to school.

The school shopping routine is no less hectic than Christmas shopping. But it is less publicized than the holiday shopping might be.

It is certainly less stressful since those parents are shopping for are fewer than those at the holidays. Also, the list of items are also more narrow than those for the holidays.

Inevitably, shopping is shopping and the frustration is no less just because it is for the children returning to a new school year.

There is a natural progression to shopping and an order to the process.

When I was young enough to live at home and have my mother choose my school clothes, most often it was ordered through the Sears catalog.  The choices were greater than the local stores in Fort Bragg and the prices were much better as well.

Maybe that’s why I developed my indifference to shopping. Catalog’s made it easy to shop and even in the 50’s it eliminated the need to chase all over town looking for something that didn’t exist.