Black Friday

The day have the shopping world awaits for, for more than 10 months each year, is rapidly approaching.

I’ve heard Internet shopping has drastically compromised Black Friday’s financial impact. When retail stores have been counting on Thanksgiving Friday being their savior of the season, Internet shopping might jeopardize their results because of the ease and convenience of shopping on line, taking less time, being able to find better prices because of a wide range of resources and the time savings of being able to shop from home.

Although I truly believe some people enjoy the rush of shopping among the crowds and the hectic nature of searching to find the perfect gift, most people will admit they would rather skip the whole process.

Thus, the increased sales of gift cards. Why bother? Well, a gift card is appreciated when you are able to buy exactly what you want rather than store a bunch of unwanted gifts in a closet.

So, what is your preference? Gift cards, Internet shopping or diving into the shopping mall with the rest of the crowds?