Return Haven

It is now the mad rush of returning all those ill gotten gifts!

The gifts you received are the  wrong size, wrong color, just not perfect and any number of reasons you might end up returning your Christmas gifts.

It is often as crazy a time for shopping as the holiday throng. But the good thing is when you choose a gift this time, you’ll know it will be exactly what you are looking for.

I always tell my friends, I by myself the most perfect gifts and never have to return them. I always know what I want and I always stay within my budget!

I’m one of the few women who have missed out on getting the shopping gene. I know what I want, I know where to get it and I don’t waste my time hunting around or searching multiple stores. I often I’ll miss out on a sale or a new fashion fad, but I’m perfectly fine with that.

I’d much rather spend my time doing almost anything else rather than joining the mad rush of shoppers, even to return a gift.