How to Make Gift Baskets

Instructions for Making a Beautiful Homemade Holiday Gift-Basket

Dec 3, 2007 Janienne Jennrich

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Learn to make a themed handcrafted gift basket as a present for birthdays, holidays, corporate gifts, anniversaries & more. Instructions, ideas, and tricks of the trade.

You can make lovely gifts baskets for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, get well presents and more!. Check out these easy ideas for crafting gourmet food baskets, themed gift present baskets, and unique gifts; get ideas for any occasion.

Start with a Container

  • A basket with or without a handle is nice. Pick an appropriate style, size and color, with enough depth for filling in the bottom.
  • Other containers for adults include metal buckets, big bowls, sturdy decorative boxes, pretty pottery, and ice buckets.
  • Containers for children include plastic sand buckets and other brightly colored toys, like dump trucks.
  • A baby tub is adorable for a baby shower gift basket.

Great Glitzy, Gourmet and Fun Themes for Gift Baskets

  • For any recipient, consider his or her hobbies and interests.
  • Some adult themes for baskets are a gourmet gift basket, gardening, romance, tea party, wine gift baskets, Easter baskets, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine Gift Baskets, fruits, cookies, senior citizens, wedding baskets, or kitchen food baskets.
  • Teens might enjoy gift baskets centered around a favorite book, band, movie, or movie star, chocolates, beauty supplies, sleepover items, “hope chest” items, cool school or art supplies, or scrap-booking goodies.
  • Younger girls might like a pink-themed basket, Barbie or Bratz themed items, baking goodies, Easter baskets, craft items, games or many of the above ideas.
  • For a boy, a video game related gift-pack would be great, as would a gift basket centered around sports, cars, a favorite book series, spy items, etc.

Once a Theme is Picked, Choose Items to Fill the Gift Basket

  • Brainstorm items to go with the theme. For instance, a Pirates of the Caribbean themed basket could contain pirate “gold” (chocolate coins), a DVD, a Pirates notebook, a Johnny Depp poster, etc.
  • Gift baskets can be as small or large as one likes. Go sweet and simple or huge and glamorous. The sky (and maybe the budget) is the limit.

Tips on How to Make a Beautiful Gift Basket

  • One trick of the trade is to fill the bottom of the basket with packing peanuts. This will give the illusion of a fuller basket and make the gifts easier to see. Think about safety when making a basket for a child.
  • Over the ‘peanuts’, place a thick layer of gift-bag or basket filler, shiny shred, or tissue paper. Overfill the basket as it will be weighted down as gift items are added.
  • Begin adding the biggest and tallest items toward the middle or back. Aim for balance in weight and arrangement.
  • To hold some items in place, use tape to attach them to each other, to the basket handle, or to the container. The deep filling makes it easier to keep things still by “sinking” them in a bit.
  • Continue arranging gifts and then “fill out” the look of the basket. Make sure the paper or shred shows through. Fill in with more, if necessary. Add little items such as wrapped candies, silk flowers, Christmas ornaments, pine cones or whatever works with the theme. Gift cards are a good small-space addition.

When the Arrangement Looks Pleasing, the Gift is Ready to be Completed

  • Clear cellophane bags made for baskets are usually available at craft shops or dollar stores near the wrapping paper. If using a bag, gather at the top of the basket and tie with a ribbon. Leave some of the plastic fluffed out above the ribbon. Add a pretty bow or a matching trinket. Tape the bottom of the bag tight to the basket if it tends to stick out.
  • If preferred, simply add a bow and skip the covering.
  • Add a gift tag and deliver!

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