Unique Gifts

61. Hot Chocolate in a Jar Craft

Hot Chocolate in a Jar Craft
Make this fun and simple gift idea – hot cocoa in a jar!
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62. Hot Cocoa Delight

Hot Cocoa Delight
Jan Hennings shares these directions for making a unique hot cocoa container.

63. Hugs Box Gift Craft

Hugs Box Gift Craft
A visitor nicknamed Pathfinder gives instructions for making a fun gift, complete with a fun poem.

64. Jewelry or Dresser Box Craft

Jewelry or Dresser Box Craft
Everyone will have fun creating boxes to hold their jewelry and other treasures. They can experiment making a variety of sizes.

65. Juice Can Lid Magnet Craft

Juice Can Lid Magnet Craft
Follow these directions and find out how to create colorful magnets using a frozen juice can lid and a photo.

66. Lacy Dolls

Lacy Dolls
Gloria Cormier shares directions for making these easy and elegant doll crafts.

67. Lacy Heart

Lacy Heart
Gloria Cormier shares directions for making these easy and elegant heart crafts.

68. Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet

Message in the Bottle Cap Magnet
Make these sparkling magnets for your own refrigerator, a school locker, or to give as gifts!
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69. My Favorite Thing Gift Craft

Home-Made Gift Ideas
Instructions to make a special boxed gift for someone using a mirror and a shoe box.

70. Necktie Purse or Wallet

Necktie Purse or Wallet
Follow the directions provided here and discover how to transform an unwanted necktie into a small purse or wallet that is perfect for holding change, a cell phone, or an Ipod.