Gift Giving

How do you feel about find the perfect gift for those you care about? Do you agonize over the task? Do you wait to the last minute or do you plan you shopping well in advance?

I love to buy multiple gifts and wrap each and every one. I spend days searching for the perfect gifts I know they will appreciate. It might range for one dollar to a hundred or even several hundred depending on what the item is and how much I feel they might appreciate it.

One year I bought 48 presents for my boyfriend. It was his birthday and yes, he just turned 48. I hid the presents all over the house. I hid presents in the refrigerator, cupboards, close dryer, drawers, medicine cabinet, under his pillow, in his shoes and any  other place I could figure he might look within a few days.

It took him more than a week to find all of them. Thank goodness I had the foresight to make a list of where each one was. The one in the Oatmeal box would not have been found for six months.

It was as much fun to find the gifts and wrap them as it was to watch him discover them. It was even great fun to watch him discover each one and see his reactions. He was so appreciative and kept telling me how no one had ever gone through so much trouble for him.

Gift giving is a special treat.

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