Queen for a Day

I was in Los Angeles in November when I was talking with my friend Robin and we were joking around about how a lot of the women’s groups we had been in previously had turned into less than what they had started out to be.

Then somehow Robin came up with an idea she thought would be a lot of fun. We’d start our own group with women we really enjoyed being with and we make them Queen for a Day.

We talked about how we could:

  • Make them breakfast in bed;
  • Cleaning their house;
  • Take their kids for the day;
  • Treat them to a massage, facial, mani/pedi;
  • Take them to the theater;
  • Take them to a fancy restaurant for lunch or dinner;
  • Detail their car;
  • Clean their yard;
  • Give them lessons in something they’ve always wanted to do;

Your knowledge of who they are will make it easier to choose the right activities. You might want to choose one or multiple ideas depending on how much time you will be spending together.

One idea is if you have several people involved, each one of you can choose a different item and spend the entire day together as a group.