Unique Gifts

81. Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft
You can sew this simple plastic grocery bag holder on a machine or by hand, both techniques will be easy! This is a great way to store all those plastic shopping bags you get when you go to the store.
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82. Polka Dot Pot Craft

Polka Dot Pot Craft
You can make these decorative pots in a variety of colors and sizes and use them not only for planting but also to gather small items on a dresser, to hold cooking utensils, or to organize your office supplies.

83. Printable Calendars

Printable Calendars
Create a free printable calendar for yourself or to give as gifts using these printable calendar page templates. Add your own creative touches to make each calendar page unique.

84. Printable Certificates and Awards

Printable Certificates and AwardsSherri Osborn
You can congratulate or surprise someone special with a fancy certificate you can make. Print out one or more of these free award certificates and give them as gifts or just because.

85. Printable Coupons

Printable CouponsSherri Osborn
Here are some fun coupons you can print out to give as gifts. These are especially great to put in greeting cards or as stocking stuffers or you can print out several and make them into a little booklet!

86. Puzzle Piece Frame Craft

Puzzle Piece Frame Craft
Kathryn explains how her son made a frame using old puzzle pieces and craft sticks.

87. Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft

Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft
Stella explains how she transformed an empty diffuser bottle into a colorful and useful work of art.

88. Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft

Recycled Almond Can Organizer Craft
using these techniques, you can create desktop, dresser, and other organizers.
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89. Recycled Desk Set

Recycled Desk Set
Angie Jane explains how to make a desk set by recycling household items.

90. Ribbon Wreath Craft

Ribbon Wreath Craft
Find out how you can create a unique wreath using pieces of ribbon. By looking at this finished project, you will never believe how easy it is!